Think differently: On Hospital and Hospitality and Finance [Part1: Facts]

Today I accompanied my father to a hospital have his medical conditions checked 3 months after the minor surgery (the results are to be released this Saturday), and I cannot help but to express my absolute amazement with what I see at this particular hospital, which, is not the exemplary one, but definitely one of the busiest one in Vietnam Health Care system – Chợ Rẫy Hospital.

This hospital, without doubt is definitely one of the best in my area, if not to say the single best in term of doctors’ knowledge, dedication and experience. However, the hospital is working at not maximum, but over maximum its capacity. A simple figure will demonstrate sufficiently what I mean: when we had to wait in line to be direct to specific department, there were approximately over a thousand people waiting before us (and this is an understatement). In fact, a figure from its website shows that last in 2010, the hospital served over 1.123.000 patients, employing only 696 doctors, professors and medical experts. A simple calculation will show that the hospital has over 3000 patients per day on mean average. In addition to the patients’ family members, relatives and friends, this number without doubt is overwhelming to imagine, nearly 60 times to number of student in my high school.

Well, it is not such a surprise considering that it is indeed the best hospital in town, but it is clearly that the doctors, nurses and staffs are put under a great stress, visibly seen by the almost freaked out, impolite, depressed cashier on the 2nd floor where we paid our fees. The nurses working style are rather disturbing, annoying and disorganize, with little respect for the patients (even though they would probably still care, it is just they have lost interest in being nice to 3000 people everyday).

Just for later reference, and a brief idea on what we’re discussing, the expenditures on Health services took up 7-8% of the whole nation GDP in 2010 – which mean it is around 7 billions dollars (My sincere apology for the out-of-date information, but for some reason 2010 seems to be the data’s favourite year). Consider that Vietnam is among the most populous country in the world (and under average in term of area), 7 billions seem like pouring sand in the sea.

I think most people don’t recognize this, but investment in a country is nothing but cheap. It is extremely expensive, especially when it comes to health, where expensive infrastructures, specialized machines and transportation are being employed every single day. Not by thousands of dollars, not by millions, but the figure is billions and billions of dollar (7 billions 2 years ago as given above)

The next part will be release later – Adverse, negative, disadvantages, whatever you would like to call it. The final part will soon be released afterward, looking at the positive, constraints and possible solutions.

On the good news that has arrived lately.

So here I am, sitting in Highland Vincom as intended always, a fitting place to begin my first serious post in WordPress, with approximately an hour to go to my Illustrator class.

It appears that thoughts and everything else have magically ran away from my little world of grey matter.

I choose Highland for a specific reason though, after all, this is the single high class Vietnamese origin coffee brand (with exception of the poorly marketing Trung Nguyen coffee) in Ho Chi Minh city, and from here I have the lively view of the rich people’s life here in Saigon. The most important reason probably because the fact that Trần Đại Nghĩa high school is only across the street, and even though I couldn’t be bothered to go in (or not brave enough?) to step back in, a glimpse of it is a dose I certainly need right now.
I suppose there is not much for me to go home to TDN anymore, but still it is a sanctuary place, just a glimpse of the students wearing the proud logo has brighten up my day, reminding me 4 years ago, I was also a part of that community. It has also never failed to remind me of my miserable depressing failure 3 years ago. But now, just today, that depressing though has turned into something else, a sense of proud of ISHCMC CCC, a sense of achievement and self-actualisation.  For the last 3 years TDN has been the forbidden place in my mind, but now it is no longer, knowing that I have tried hard the last 3 year, and now I am heading toward to an even better place, from a wonderful high school.

The moment the university said yes, I know I just want to go back there, back at TDN yell out loud what I have done, with my heart racing like love at first sight. I am no longer afraid of going to Trần Đại Nghĩa.

But still the decision to have lunch at Highland is terribly wrong. One does not simply have lunch while being observed by hundreds of stranger. I though I would like a crowded place for a change (and as an encouragement for my first day at IT school) but I guess I couldn’t be further from the truth. All the manners that I barely remember tortures me. Where is the fun in a gorgeous bacon sandwich, if you can’t even set your mind still on the exquisite taste?

Well at least I am enjoying myself now and here, with a cup of ice latte (and overwhelming taste of sugar), the song I am addicted to, my exclusive view, which, I would say cautiously might be the best city view in Ho Chi Minh city, I can’t ask for more. But for all the sake in the world I will never go through this unpleasant lunch again.
I will probably try to publish my first business review next week, possibly looking at HSBC’s financial accounts. This specific company was chosen because even though it operates in Vietnam, it is owned by foreign company, and thus my rather alien knowledge of business (which extract solely from British system) can find the similarities and can at least understand those documents partially. However it is without doubt going to be tricky seen HSBC must be of no stranger to not only the most sophisticate ways of laying out information, but also many ‘window dressing’ methods that will be use more than frequent throughout. I suspect it would cost me at least a week to actually find and analyse the financial documents.
And unpleasant as it feels, I must admit this is the most boring, forceful, tasteless note (or post) I have ever written, and to all the Vietnamese students out there who has already started school, tell them I say hi, hope a good year to come.

A brief review on the purpose of this blog and the legal entity of its owner

This blog was originally intended to be used as a place to practice my English writing skill in analysing various business subjects, especially finance and administration, which have always aroused my interest.

However, as I was creating this blog (which is surprisingly time-consuming, due to the limit blog address’ pool, and the obscurely slow internet connection tonight, 4th of 2012, I recognise that this is a more suitable place to express my thoughts, ideas, views on life, which usually are too long for Facebook’s statuses.

And thus, for now, the blog is a fitting place for me to practice my English skills, but the usage of Vietnamese, and hopefully Japanese in the future is possible.

In conclusion, this blog is created for me to ensure my English formal writing skill with a focus on Business’ matters remain at an acceptable level, that my grieve thoughts and views on life have a respected place, that some of my hopeless artworks can be displayed, not be left and covered in dust.

However, here comes the dry boring part, in which I must state clearly that any post doesn’t fully represent me, or my opinion on the specific subject in any way. The blog has a separate legal entity with its owner,  that even though non-fictional material can be borrowed, mentioned and analysed, but the writer bear no legal responsible for all the posts.

Well I guess that it is. Welcome to my blog.